About me

I started to work as a translator in 1990, and initially translated a number of novels from English into Swedish (among others The Firm by John Grisham). In 1995, I ventured into the world of software localization, and that has been my focus ever since.

I spent 5 years in the software localization business, in two different companies and two different countries. During this time, I worked as a translator in a number of projects, but also as Project/Account Manager with responsibility for major localisation projects for some of the market leading software developers. It has provided me with valuable insights into all aspects of a translation project, and the many varying factors that have to be considered; from the translators point of view, as well as from the point of view of the end client and the localization company. Working now as a freelance translator, this experience helps me understand what my clients want.

I translate mainly from English into Swedish, as Swedish is my mother tongue, but I occasionally do Swedish into English. I specialize in computer-related material such as software and documentation, but also have experience in other areas, such as marketing materials. I also speak French, German and Estonian, but I don’t translate from or to any of these languages.

If you’d like to know more about my experience, you will find additional information under Experience. You are of course also welcome to contact me directly.